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FSW Funding is a privately owned and operated, asset-based lending company specializing in the financing needs of today’s small and medium sized businesses.

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Overcoming Financial Strains for Small Business Owners

Financial strains are unavoidable when running a business. For many business owners, cash flow typically becomes tight for one of three reasons. Fortunately, there is a way to overcome financial strains without setting your business up for bigger problems in the near...

Unpaid Invoices: Handling Unsettled Customer Accounts

In the United States, roughly 26 percent of all invoices become delinquent or simply go unpaid. For businesses, unpaid invoices no only cause a strain on finances but recouping that revenue from unsettled customer accounts involves a lot of work. Standard Practices As...

Bad Credit and Business Finance: Is There a Viable Solution?

Not every business has the best credit ratings. New and small businesses often have bad credit ratings which fall below the requirements of the funding options available to other companies. In the case of small businesses, credit rates are often low due to existing...

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FSW Funding offers unparalleled customer service to each and every client. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small; every client receives our full attention.