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How the Seafood Industry Benefits from Invoice Factoring

The seafood industry bears a unique pressure in that businesses need to get their product to market quickly or risk having no product at all. But even though the fisherman gets his product to the market with fast turnaround, he still has to wait for payment as a...

Factoring as It Relates to Credit Scores

Credit for a business owner is a tricky thing. It's sometimes harder to get than personal credit, yet it's essential to the well-being of your operation. Cash flow sometimes slows down when customers are slow to pay and sales haven't picked up enough to cover the...

6 Common Mistakes With Invoice Factoring

Factoring involves using your accounts receivable as collateral for a short-term loan. Factoring an invoice can seem straightforward: You provide your invoices to a factoring services provider who gives you a specified percentage for the total of your outstanding...

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